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Loan officer assisting home buyer with his pre-approval letter which involves credit, income, and assets to establish an affordable payment.


Get pre-approved.

After completing an application, you will work with a Prequalification Specialist who will assist in preparing your pre-approval letter.  Getting pre-approved involves credit, income, and assets to establish a comfortable and affordable payment with your purchase offer.  Pre-approval letters let the seller know your financing is secured and that you are a serious buyer.

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Find your dream home.

Now that you are pre-qualified, let the home search begin.  Partner with a personal Mortgage Advisor who will be by your side throughout the entire process.  Connect with a real estate agent.  There are tremendous benefits in working with an agent.  Once you have found your next dream home, it's time to make an offer.  Provide your pre-qualification letter, along with your purchase contract, to solidify yourself as a serious buyer.

Dream suburban house

Get started with your Purchase

Man providing additional documentation to his personal mortgage advisor.


Provide documentation.

Once your offer is accepted, you will provide additional documentation to your personal Mortgage Advisor.  Your Mortgage Hero Advisor will be your one point-of contact throughout the entire process.  No handoffs or confusion in who you are working with.  Your documents will be reviewed by a processor and underwriter.  


Close with confidence.

Congratulations, you have been approved by an underwriter and cleared for closing.  Connect with your settlement agent at title to schedule your signing.  Once you have signed, funded, and recorded, you are officially a new homeowner.  Typically your agent will provide you the keys to your new home.

Family moving into their new home after being approved by an underwriter and being cleared for closing on a mortgage.
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