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Learn about your loan options with ease.

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The Basics

At Mortgage Hero, we dedicate our time and energy to ensure you are educated and confident with your purchase or refinance. Explore important financing information and material within this resource section. Knowledge is power, and we want you to be the most powerful homeowner.

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Should I start looking at properties with my realtor first, or get started with a lender before I begin my search?  Although looking at properties can be the most exciting part, it is always best to get pre-approved before searching for your next property. Getting pre-approved will help establish affordability to ensure you are looking for properties within your price range.

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Unlock your home's potential through a variety of refinance options. Inquire about lowering your rate to save interest and reduce your monthly payment.  Use the equity in your home to pull out cash for renovations, debt consolidation, and more. Are you looking to payoff your mortgage in a shorter period of time?  Find out if you qualify for a shorter term. Connect with a Mortgage Advisor today and find out what options are available.

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Estimate your rate, payment, and perform calculations all with our Mortgage Calculator resources.

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Loan Options

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, the decision making process can seem complicated. We set you up with an experienced Mortgage Advisor to assist you along the way. Your Mortgage Advisor will review your financial situation and provide you with customized loan options to best suit your needs.

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