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Researching the steps in the mortgage loan process: application, processing, underwriting, and closing.


Take the next step in your home buying journey.

Be the best Buyer you can be.

Whether you're a new homebuyer or an experienced homebuyer, we provide you with the ideal combination of speed, experience, and care to prepare you for your purchase.  Set yourself apart from competing offers with our automated and streamlined pre-approval process.


Complete an application in less than 10-minutes, entirely online or with an expert.


One-point of contact. Work with an experienced Mortgage Advisor throughout your entire closing.


Human touch with a focus on technology. We utilize our tools to ensure complete accuracy.


From application to closing, we are not slowing down. Closing early or on-time is important.

How It Works



Apply through your customized application. 

We only ask the important questions.

What To Expect
  • Complete an application

  • Speak with a Prequalification Specialist

  • Connect with your personal Mortgage Advisor

  • Receive preapproval letter

  • Enjoy your home search

What May Be Requested
  • Personal Information

  • Documentation for processing

  • Review and sign disclosures

  • Purchase contact

Not all applications result in a preapproval letter.
Purchase - Application


What To Expect


Complete the initial steps of the purchase process with us.  Finalize purchase contract conditions with agent(s) and seller(s).

  • Documents reviewed by processor
  • Employment and income verified
  • Call with Mortgage Advisor

What May Be Requested
  • Earnest money deposit

  • Property inspection

  • Appraisal

  • Open homeowners insurance

Appraisal may not be needed.


What To Expect


Documentation is analyzed and confirmed.  There may be an an initial conditional approval followed by a final clear-to-close.

  • Completed appraisal report

  • Initial underwriter approval

  • Call with Mortgage Advisor

  • Final clear-to-close by underwriter

What May Be Requested
  • Additional documentation


What To Expect


Congratulations! You've made it to the finish line. Prepare yourself for signing.

  • Final walkthrough of property

  • Review closing documents

  • Receive your keys, congratulations!

What May Be Requested
  • Identity verification for signing

  • Payment for closing

  • Sign closing documents

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