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Family living in a beautifully renovated Arizona home. They reduced their monthly payment and saved money by paying less interest


Explore your refinance options and find out what's possible.

Accomplish goals with your home.

Homeownership is a beautiful thing.  Whether you're trying to save money and lower interest, consolidate debt, or renovate your home, use our tools provided and expertise to achieve your goals.

Lower your payment

Reduce your monthly payment and save money by paying less interest.

Change your terms

Shorten your term or change from a variable rate (ARM) to fixed rate.

Renovate your home

Use cash from equity in your home to renovate and make updates.

Eliminate or reduce debt

Pull cash out of your home and payoff or lower debt.

How It Works



Apply through your customized application. 

We only ask the important questions.

What To Expect
  • Complete an application

  • Speak with a Prequalification Specialist

  • Connect with your personal Mortgage Advisor

  • Discuss your refinance goals

What May Be Requested
  • Personal Information

  • Documentation for processing

  • Review and sign disclosures

Purchase - Application


What To Expect


Complete the initial steps of the refinance process with us.  Finalize an action plan and begin our streamlined refinance process.

  • Documents reviewed by processor
  • Employment and income verified
  • Call with Mortgage Advisor

What May Be Requested
  • Appraisal

Appraisal may not be needed.


What To Expect


Documentation is analyzed and confirmed.  There may be an an initial conditional approval followed by a final clear-to-close.

  • Completed appraisal report

  • Initial underwriter approval

  • Call with Mortgage Advisor

  • Final clear-to-close by underwriter

What May Be Requested
  • Additional documentation


What To Expect


Congratulations! You've made it to the finish line. Prepare yourself for signing.

  • Review closing documents

  • Existing mortgage is paid off

  • Receive escrow refund

What May Be Requested
  • Identity verification for signing

  • Payment for closing

  • Sign closing documents

Refund of escrow may not apply.
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